Annex Home Standard

Annex home standard is a client-centered method to achieve quality housing outcomes for families.

Annex spans international frontiers to enable people with creative freedom to plan design and build healthy safe and useable homes in an environment that is transparent and free from corruption.


You can self assess your project for free using Annex online registration self assessment tools and practice notes.


Annex is an international housing index, accreditation and certification process for development approvals that compacts  housing access codes into a set of basic design principles and methods. Annex cuts the old ambiguous and restrictive red tape with a simple compact and agile process.


Architects and planners are pre qualified to self assess their projects using Annex and no additional expensive accreditation courses are necessary.

Many planning guidelines require second party assessments from an access consultants which we can provide at greater economy using Annex. To learn more contact AQ.



Architects Planners Developers and Builders

Architects and planners use Annex in preparing and submitting housing development applications and when meeting legislative duties to provide safe accessible housing for families.

Government Planning

Everyday a Governments official somewhere in the world a will download and implement Annex.

The Annex Home Standard housing index is a sign that developers, governments and communities are committed to achieving their human rights obligations for affordable and accessible housing in places that people want to live with proximity to means of subsistence, and that process of generating housing is transparent and accountable for the life of the project.

Contact AQ for advice on implementing Annex in your area.

Building Consultants & Registered Housing Assessors

Use Annex to obtain and maintain qualifications, promote your services and capabilities to a broad range of potential developers increasingly looking to Annex to provide a new level of  project confidence.

Design flexibility

A core principle of Annex is to avoid rigid design parameters.  Cutting red tape and freeing up the design and construction process through a flexible process-oriented and client-centered standard benchmarks the methods and processes that lead to quality housing outcomes.

Annex Free Home Standard

To get governments, the community and developers in agreement they need to be reading from the same book.  We’ve made this so much easier by making the book free to download and use.

Annex home standard is a free democratic housing standard. A free publicly accessible housing standard for future generations. Reaching agreement on what is acceptable is the first step towards achieving your goals.

Download (1.3mb)  A5.5.6.2_Annex Home_Standard

Annex Home Standard

The aim of Annex Home Standard is toA5.5.6.2_Annex Home_Standard provide designers, developers and governments with a method for generating high quality accessible places to meet our future housing needs.

More about Annex here

Complying with other codes

Annex home indexation is a simple method to meet state and local provisions for safe accessible housing:

  • Accessible and adaptable housing to AS 4299 and AS 1428.1.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Requirements
  • State Environment Planning Policy SEPP Seniors Living and SEPP 65 (NSW)
  • Livable housing, Gold , Silver, Platinum
  • WHS 2012 Designers Duties

The Next Step

Architects and graduate architects use Annex to take control of  their projects design direction.

Contact AQ to learn how to use Annex international indexation and accreditation.

Annex Forum

Annex is a democratic standard for housing and encourages emerging economies and communities recovering from conflict and natural disasters.  To get involved visit Annex Forum page for frequently asked questions, release notes and Annex Org notices.

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