Release notes 5.5 September 2014

Annex release 5.5 is in Beta mode and not available online.  An online version is mooted for December 14, yet at this stage the authors are trialing all new methodologies prior to full release.  Please check back for the full release. In the meantime we’ve had a number of request for the Beta Version 5.5.7 so for those that can’t wait then please email us and we will return the latest version in PDF.

Access consultants, architects and planners will notice Annex home standard is different to any standard they may be familiar with.  We’re presently developing a quick comparison guide to make it easier to ID differences. Due out later in 2014. Completed; Beta 5.5.7 includes a matrix for evaluating Annex against other known standards.

Annex is designed for use by industry professionals with in depth knowledge of what’s required in their region and in many instances requires formulating alternative performance based solutions to local building codes.

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  • dB!VSjx01. Nov, 2014

    When compared to AS 1428.1 and AS 4299 Adaptable Housing, Annex is very relaxed on the detailed number and geometry of required amenity. I don’t think it goes far enough to meet our housing for every disability?

    • dB!VSjx01. Nov, 2014

      Agree, Annex Org. asks designers to incorporate access, adaptability and safety features into every new home in return for greater flexibility on how this is to be achieved, its the Annex quid pro quo.

      Annex is incredibly flexible and, yes there will be some housing units that may not be universally accessible as some commentators would like.

      • Wayin
        dB!VSjx01. Nov, 2014

        Volume! Annex home standard is all about volume.  The objective is to increase the distribution and supply; availability of housing and address the occupant housing paradox, where the family mix is statistically miss matched to the available type of  housing or housing supply mix.

        It’s just not possible to mandate that a home built for a wheelchair user must be occupied by one, the market doesn’t work that way. Annex takes a market responsive solution by loosening the compliance constraints on we aim to increase housing supply, choice and availability and responsiveness of developers to emerging family needs.

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