The aim of Annex Home Standard is to provide designers, developers and governments with a method for generating high quality accessible places to meet our future housing needs.

A process centered standard is different to other template-based standard. It is necessary, especially in public places, to have generic facilities that meet most people’s needs most of the time. Yet relying on templates alone will lead to one-size-fits-all outcomes or over design, compliance gridlock if the template will not fit the building and a reliance on the standard for situations where it was not intended such as home modifications to address a person’s individual disability or functional needs, e.g. a person returning home following a traumatic accident, injury or illness.

The strength of Annex home standard accreditation is that it empowers the development team to first identify their customers’ needs, then plan and allocate resources to satisfy those needs. This is a client or human-centered approach. Annex has five modules that are pathways for achieving good quality access and include a combination of evidence-based performance-criteria, Quality-Systems-Processes and support guides such as this one.

Annex Home Standard

Annex Home Standard

Annex 1 Housing Rights and Affordability

Annex 2 Quality of Living

Annex 3 Home Safety & Security

Annex 4 Healthy Home

Annex 5 Healthy and Active Living

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